Bosco Verticale, “best high-rise in 2015” according to CTBUH

Located in Milan (Italy), the Bosco Verticale skyscraper was selected as “the best high-rise in the world of 2015” by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH). The winning building, selected from four finalists: SOM, Toyo Ito, RSP Architects and Foster+Partners, was designed by Stefano Boeri (Boeri Studio), whose firm calls it “green height”.

Bosco Verticale- also awarded the International Highrise Award in 2014- reaches 115 meters tall (380 feet) and, according to CTBUH, is “one of the greenest façades ever created”.

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) has awarded Bosco Vertical, designed by Stefano Boeri, with the “Best skyscraper 2015” Prize in the XIV annual ceremony held November 12th at the Illinois Institute of Technology, in Chicago. The tower was the winner from among four finalists, including the One World Trade Center by SOM, Toyo Ito, CapitaGreen and Foster+Partners RSP Achitects Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid Tower.

Located in North Milan, near Milano Porta Garibaldi, Italy; Bosco Verticale is approximately 94 metres high and, according to CTBUH, “its exterior is one of the most instense ever done”. An exterior made of vegetation is placed instead a traditional exterior, “creating a unique microclimate”. In short, there are 480 large trees, 250 short trees, 11.000 creeping plants and 5,000 bushes used for the whole building.

A panel evaluates 123 candidates, which represents 33 countries in a year-long selection procedure. The regional winners were the One World Trade Center, New York City, United States; CapitaGreen, Singapur; Bosco Verticale, Milan, Italy; Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

IIT’s dean Wiel Arets awards the”best skyscraper in the world” prize to Bosco Verticale at the ceremony held in Mies van der Rohe’s iconic masterpiece, M.R. Crown Hall.

The president of the panel, Mun Summ Wong, WOHA Architects co-founder, explains some key aspects of the year’s winner. “How should we compare such a building as Bosco Verticale, featuring trees everywhere and just over 100 height metres to the World Trade Center - elegant, sober and five times taller than the first one? People live in one and work in the other”,

The panel applauded Bosco Verticale, which translates as “Vertical forest” for its outstanding implementation of vegetation at that scale and height. The building changes traditional materials for a screen of vegetation, making plants look like an extension of the tower’s exterior, creating a unique microclimate. The active “living exterior” the building features has many trees and more than 90 species, becoming an active interface between the rest of the building and the surroundings.

CTBUH’s panel awarded Singapur Parkroyal hotel, in Pickering, with the Urban Habitat Prize, given to WHOA Architects co-founder, Richard Hassell. Santiago Calatrava was awarded for Tuming Torso in Malmö, Sweden. Tower Chifley, in Sydney, was awarded with the Performance Prize for its outstanding improvements in energy efficiency in 2008. 16 years after finishing the building in 1992, María Ramírez and Alberto Alarcón were awarded with the Innovation Award for Holedeck®’s solution concret slab.

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