Francisca Muñoz and Manuel Herrera take part in “Eco-ethics, culture and environment” round table by UCAM

Francisca Muñoz and Manuel Herrera, MUHER member, were invited to participate in the conference on Eco-ethics organised by UCAM. At this “Eco-ethic, culture and environment” round table, it was dealt with topics such as environmental awareness versus economic-productive interests; industrial revolution in underdeveloped countries; as well as the need to provide guidelines for it in accordance with an eco-friendly approach; among others.

Their participation exemplifies MUHER’s main role in this international conference on environment organised by the UCAM.

They are the authors of both the exhibition at UCAM, the article of which is entitled “Muher exhibits (3rd March -3rd April) […]; as well as their contribution to the conference, chaired by Dr. Juan Antonio Marín Martínez (Director of Humanism and Nature’s research group at UCAM). Other prestigious members took part in the meeting too, such as:

-Dr. José Mª Egea Fernández. Botanical Professor at the Universtiy of Murcia. 

- Mr. Nicolás de Maya.  Multidisciplinary plastic artist.

- Mrs. María José Navarro Sarabia.PANASA’s CEO. Entepreneur of the Year (2012).

- Mr. Antonio Carrión. Lawyer specialised in plan variety.  

- Mr. Juan Regis Espinosa. La Cerdanya de Cartagena restaurant’s owner and cook.


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