Starlite Mexico 2016, let the show begin

Starlite Mexico is about to receive the main characters in its event: Spectators. The charm and difficulties to design and manage the building of a such a leisure space tested again the renowned architect Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez

The displayed topic is named: España (Spain). Traditions, colours, symbols and any aspect related to the culture, the country of which is well versed in, are exhibited on a self-supported structure located in special place in Mexico D.F: Hipódromo de las Américas (The Americas’ hippodrome).   

The project’s target is to export both culture and playful game in order to reproduce this atmosphere for the event’s unique set. Being used to timings and complex technical requirements, the professional challenge Héctor Ruiz’s team’s has faced was to objectify these good ideas.

Year after year, Starlite is the most remarkable regarding glamour and success, as well as the globally-recognised brand concerning temporary architecture for this kind of events with utmost attention paid to ornamental details and it seeks spaces where it is offered good music, gastronomy and all sort of leisure activities.

In this occasion, Héctor Ruiz has designed an out-of-scale scaffold located in the hippodrome, which distributes the activities, and is based on the “Red carpet” concept. A ramp leads throughout some spaces designed to reproduce the autonomous and unique experience combining in all the space.  

During the space allocation, there were diverse areas: boxes, tables, small stages, main stages, grandstands, private rooms, etc. Each area was suitably designed to promote the different activities which will take place at the Starlite festival in Mexico.  

Héctor Ruiz Velázquez


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