Teresa’s Stairway to Health. Fast, healthy and cheap food

It is not a pun from Led Zepellin’s famous song. Actually, this restaurant is meant to be the stairway to health, located in Barcelona. Additionally, Teresa’s is - according to its owners- the first Fast Casual Healthy Flexitarian Restaurant in Spain. ¿Sorry, what? You may be thinking. Well to make it shorter, it is fast, healthy, cheap, and tasty food.

It is fast and healthy food restaurant. Immediate, cheap, healthy and tasty food.

It is a fusion between a Juice Bar and a Healthy Eatery, in other words, cold- pressed juices, smoothies, salads, soups, creams, hamburgers, tacos and pastries, of course, also adapted for vegans and those intolerant of gluten. This initiative comes from Teresa Carles’ Healthy Foods group, which already has two restaurants in the city, one of them totally vegetarian.

A place for specialty food needs to stand out for clients to know about it. And that is the reason for the Interior Designer Francesc Pons role, creating a special façade to amaze passer-by’s. On one hand, he tries to create a classic effect with modern touches. On the other hand, he has eliminated the barrier between the interior and the exterior of the restaurant, leaving the juice refrigerator - one of the most important parts of the restaurant - visible from the outside.

The brand image is a geometric, white ladder on a blue background and it works as decorative motif on the wall and bar tiles. The drawing is in different positions to create a fresh optical illusion. The logo displays two colours: blue and white, which are also on the façade and furniture, helping to create the company’s identity.

The establishment doesn’t offer a dining room, but there are bar stools around the counter and shelves on the wing wall. By the way, the façade is also an improvised terrace.

Given the fact that there is no dining room, the bar is the interior’s main room. The upper part, made of metal stands out for its shape, which goes along the bar and works as a storage for glassware and cooking utensils.

All of the materials used: mainly concrete, wood, steel and stone, are in sync with the purity of the products offered. The steel and stone create an unique juxtaposition; stone providing a touch of robustness while the steel and visible pipes provide an industrial touch.

The bar combines all the materials: wood for the seats, stone and concrete for the pillar and the steel for the upper piece.

Pictures by Teresa’s


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