XVIII International Workshop about heritage intervention

Architects stand up for the recovery of heritage to reuse it, since according to them “tight budgets are not a good enough reason not to”. Experts in the sector favour “austerity and common sense during a crisis, even with increasing budgets”. Architects who took part in the XVII International Workshop about heritage intervention have changed their mind and now look towards their fellows citizens.

According to the event managers, this is one of the main conclusions resulting from the seminar where several leading Spanish specialists took part in finding new uses the heritage areas.

Architects think “because of the scene, those in the profession turn to the social dimension of architecture” since they consider that “reusing heritage areas does nothing but contribute to creating harmony without there being need to distinguish what is new and what is not”.

It is confirmed that the current concept of Architecture has changed.


Architects think tight budgets are not reason enough to not reuse and consolidate heritage areas and, therefore, the importance of managing “in the meantime”. The architects argue that “in the meantime” an empty site can be a vegetable garden, an unused pavilion, a self-managed library or even a pedestrian street for children to play..

The architects favour “austerity and common sense recovered during the crisis” even “with increasing budgets”, though they do think that “it should not be an excuse to set aside that money for other purposes”.

Another conclusion is that “the change of sensibility and attitude between Spanish architects and society”, because “only clear historical and artistic heritage used to be worth keeping while nowadays everything is kept since it brings knowledge from the past”


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