Atempo Group presents its solutions in Maderalia Kitchen 2016

Finsa alongside a set of eligible clients have developed a set of high quality and modern kitchen designs which will be displayed in February in Valencia, Spain.  

There are three different collections: Babylon, with a similar aesthetic to home furnishing; Persian, with a clean handle-free design; and Incan, featuring handles.

In recent months a roadshow has been displaying these product ranges all over Spain in order for professionals to get to know them.

Finsa, alongside a set of eligible clients have developed a set of high quality and modern kitchen designs which offer both ergonomic and modern aesthetics. Atempo will be open at Fimma-Maderaia from February 2nd to 5th. In fact, the groups will take part in an exhibition with a showcase lorry – located at the C-120 N3-P7-, which will display the three collections: Babylon, Persian and Incan.

Atempo has presented these new product ranges before the exhibition through a roadshow throughout Spain during December and January. After Maderalia, the exhibition lorry will keep running throughout the Valencian Community, Catalonia and Madrid. Additionally, the tour can be followed on Twitter and Facebook by the #atemporoadshow hashtag.

The three collections – Babylon, Persian and Incan – are produced with pieces from Premium 8.0. gamut, which are adapted to the new professional height measurement (80 cm). These are made of antibacterial material resistant to moisture. In order for clients to adapt it according to their needs and space available, Atempo collection provides three different aesthetic alternatives, all of them with modern and clear designs, featuring high-volume warehousing capability and numerous combinations of doors, drawers, among other combinations. Additionally, all of them are distinguished by their functionality and practicality, easing daily work in the kitchen.  

On one hand, Babylon features thin but resistant countertops, thanks to its thickness, which may vary from 22mm to 40 mm; materials with the same design; with either horizontal or vertical grain; skirting board and wood panelling in the same colour as the countertop. On the other hand, Persian is a handle-free kitchen, where the combination between the door and the countertop architecture creates a mechanized-free ogee effect, an avant-garde and modern design. Finally, Incan features a quite elegant design by simplicity, thanks to an integrated handle in the same colour.

All these product ranges cover different designs by Fins, from black or white surface in matte finish to stone or simulated wood design by Gama Studio, offering ash wood,

During this collection, Finsa has joined forces with a varied group of clients from all over Spain, along with whom Finsa designed the different product ranges and will distribute Atempo gamut. These clients are Montakit (Madrid), Maderas Lamas (A Coruña), Maderas Besteiro (Lugo), Canteli Albuerne (Gijón), Madermar (Leon), Maderas José María (Salamanca), Kúbico (Seville), Jurado Olmo (Córdoba), Hermanos Gámez (Malaga), Maderas Medina (Granada), Alpisa (Madrid, Valencia and Murcia), Maderas Riera (Majorca), Forstil (Castellon), Maderas Sorli (Castellon) and Maderas Virrey (Barcelona).

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