Continuous revision to keep fares as low as possible by Bernaldez and Associates

For many years, professionals would come into the office to establish a LP. After the first meeting, the process would start in most cases; however, there were some others dismissed since there was no reason to incur that expense. 

The number of professional partnerships drastically increased due to the real estate “boom” and the consequent profit increase, a higher standards of professionalism, an increasing demanding civil liability, among other reasons.

However, the crisis forced us to reconsider several structures. There was no point in keeping a company whose incoming had decreased to the minimum expression. And, our liability risk was almost non-existent since there was no activity at all in the company. Consequently, in cooperation with our clients, we have been putting on hold companies since then. Those who have been working in this field are already used to this kind of instability, so our draft income in 2015 is very different to those before that year. 

Therefore, it should be noticed that corporate structure must be permanently under revisions, so we can adapt the situation at each turn in order to keep fares as low as possible.   


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