Finsa presents its new corporate video

The video takes a journey through Finsa’s 85-year history and the constant expansion of product range, featuring versions both in Spanish and English. It also stresses the company’s defining adjectives: global, solid, communicative, close, efficient and flexible, as well as wood values: a renewable, recyclable and green product that helps to reduce emissions. 

On 26 February 2016, Finsa released its new corporate video, featuring Spanish and English versions. It takes a journey through Finsa’s 85-year history, its constant expansion of product range as well as the company’s defining adjectives and wood values. The video is developed with a combination of techniques – motion, graphics, CGI and actual recording – that makes possible to present the company, making Finsa known to interested public bodies.

The video starts by pointing out what differentiates the company, such as “its global mindset with local focus” or “being part of the forest’s natural cycle”. Furthermore, wood values are stressed, since its renewable, recyclable and green products help to reduce Co2 emissions daily created by our lifestyle and industry. For instance, an oak table absorbs up to the amount of Co2 produced by four cars running all day long. Moreover, the video shows Finsa’s commitment to sustainable forest management by only using certified timber and reusing waste wood from forests and industries, as well as recycling end-of-life products.

One of the primary objective of the company explained on the video is to offer the best solution for each need. This was an important purpose since the company was founded in 1931 as a small sawmill. Thus, the video takes a historical journey through constant expansion and evolution of Finsa’s product range: wooden board, chipboard, melamine board, MDF, chemical components, veneer hardwood, laminate flooring, furniture kit and decor paper. In addition, there have been innovations such as superPan, Finsa’s exclusive board, or Finlight with unique lightness.

It is emphaised throught this video the company’s defining adjectives: communicative, close, global, efficient, dynamic, flexible, solid, committed to safety and stable employment; as well as Finsa’s major logistics network, which provides over 80 countries with 9,500 lorries and over 7,000 containers on container ships. Moreover, it gathers the channels Finsa works with: distribution, prescription and large stores.  


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