HELLO, shadows and lights in movement

The sinuous shapes of HELLO provide funny plays of lights and shadows when being illuminated. That is the way Mr. Josep Patsí, designer, describes the concept for this luminaire, which as its name reveals, aims at being a lamp evoking a greeting when your eyes stare at it.

HELLO hypnotises thanks to its contrast of lights and shadows which, nearly magically, is obtained with the reflex of light on vertical surfaces. The feeling of a crown in movement is obtained through a radial matrix in the shape of a wave, which is repeating in a circular way.

The light it emits is direct and diffuse and it goes down. It comes from the SMD LED circular sectors (288 LEDs), offering a total amount of 24W and 2,300 adjustable lm.

HELLO can be adapted to any style. It is absolutely versatile and it is a great design. It can be seen in classical indoor spaces, minimalist lofts and new rustic or bohemian chic homes, since its oxide finish fits very well in all of them. It combines really well with the WAVE wall lamp for GROK by LEDS-C4.

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