La Ferrera restaurant

Few metres away from Pinedo beach (Valencia) is La Ferrera restaurant: a former picnic area, emblematic among nearby restaurants. Having been/Been remodelled into the current restaurant, La Ferrera’s gastronomic offer, which features great presentation and staff, consists of both Valencian typical dishes and Mediterranean cuisine, resulting in the perfect place to escape from the city. 

Regarding the restaurant’s general lighting, Euro Spot Gu10 searchlight from SLV by MCI Group were used to create an intimate atmosphere, providing great visual comfort in the table area.

Euro Spot GU10 searchlight for three stage rail system is made of aluminium and available in three different finishes: black, white, grey-silver. This searchlight can rotate 350º. Its compact size easily integrates within the architecture, creating the perfect atmosphere keeping the light sources out the spotlight.

Lighting plays an essential role in the customer’s behaviour in both restaurants and pubs and either positively or negatively influences on the customer’s experience. Additionally, lighting means 25-50% of the total consumed energy; thus, it is essential to be correctly consulted by sector professionals when choosing a good light source, so this kind of projects can be a success


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