Müher creates a FENG SHUI sculpture for Philips headquarters in Hong Kong

The group of artists MUHER, Francisca Muñoz and Manuel Herrera are involved in the creation of a new sculpture, part of a Commission from PHILIPS company for its logistics headquarters in the city of Hong Kong. The study AC Design Group Limited, responsible of the project, and through a Feng Shui specialist architect, seeks a unique and original concept of Chinese Vase they sought to balance the energies of the building.

They organized an artist call design thru several prestigious galleries. The chosen proposal is this spectacular international work of the Spanish artists MUHER (Muñoz y Herrera) for the Koo Gallery of Hong Kong, which proved to be the best conceptual design, appraised and selected from among the proposals of the other galleries.

As words from Manuel Herrera, one of the two members of the duo Muher: «In our proposal, we have raised a piece of sculpture that sums up the concept of feng shui (air water) built on a structure of 22 staggered platforms. This stratification and the colors used provide an added value to the traditional concept of the Chinese Vase. We pretended to create a vase where there would be no vase, where the envelope disappears, and vision are deceived to generate the volume that produces the vacuum of the vase., the concept of a content without continent. The colors that we have arranged along the workpiece emulate the waves of water that produced the vibration inside the vase. «Also the gaps that occur between the waves, represent the air flowing through the water .This approach has been convincing to those responsible for the selection, have managed to combine the two basic values of Feng Shui: water and air» says Manuel Herrera.

Another example of the productive creativity of MUHER (Francisca Muñoz and Manuel Herrera), a pair of artists under a same acronym, that thru last  three decades are reaping  success in the international arena within the personal discourse in the fields of arts and architecture. One further milestone in the international career of these artists who alternated his stays in their studies in Madrid, Murcia and Miami.

If last year it was reported that another of his sculpture would be implanted in public spaces in Coral Gables (Miami), this year will be Asia responsible for hosting the traditional Chinese vase and its contemporary interpretation. For next year, there will also be an important participation in the City City Santa of Caravaca de la Cruz, to commemorate the year 2017 with a monument that will undertake an important urban action to locate the Pilgrim’s door, a spectacular sculpture that also echoed the media and will be a new landmark in the history of MUHER´s art legacy


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