SensoWash Slim offers essential flushing functions for seven Duravit design series

The stylistic toilet seat designed by SensoWash offers the most natural form of hygiene possible, cleansing with water. Slim Duravit has now introduced a new addition to its product range featuring purism and technical intelligence. Balanced and extremely level proportions gives SensoWash Slim the appearance of a traditional toilet with simple aesthetics and timeless modernity. The outstanding practicality and simplicity of operation also makes the ideal it for both public or semi-public areas in addition to the private sector.

The super-slim control remote is as flat as the Slim toilet seat and makes it easy to operate all the functions for “Rearwash”, “Ladywash” and “Comfortwash”.

The intensity, Spray wand position and Water temperature can be set as desired by using illuminated elements. The nighttime light function is both smart and comfortable. A LED lights up the inside of the bowl and provides orientation in the dark. Using key combinations, functions can be locked or unlocked. After use, the control remote can be placed on a wall bracket. The seat and the lid are closed in a cushioned and soft way.  

The super-slim seat and lid, made with an extremely durable material, features a pore-free and scratch-resistant surface which makes it very hygienic. The seat and cleansing technology are totally separated for the first time and the SensoWash Slim seat and lid can be easily assembled and disassembled, which makes cleaning it quick and easy. This is a significant advantage for public and semi-public areas with a solid attachment in the ceramic preventing the seat from moving.

All Sensowash designs are provided with a heater guaranteeing the intelligent use of resources. The hot water setting can be set with quantity and time desired. The hidden water pipes and electricity water pipes and electricity wires of the SensoWash Slim accentuate the toilet’s aesthetics. Installation is very easy thanks to easy water and electricity connections as well as its integrated safety system which complies with EN 1717 drinking water requirements.   

The SensoWash Slim offers essential functions for natural cleansing with water and a competitive quality-to-price ratio. The new design is available in different models to adapt to any need and any installation which is why it is compatible with other seven Duravit series, included the new line P3 Comforts, Me by Starck, Happy D.2, Starck 2, Starck 3 and Darling New.

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