Why do we love Interior Design Mood Boards?

We do love and enjoy being inspired. Don't you? All our creative process is about Inspiration. We feel like a "creative" animal. It is a kind of powerful instinct inside us. So, each day we actively look for more inspiration. In other words, we work hard to innovate in our field.

Thus, Inspiration is the centre of our activity. What inspires us? Interior Design Mood Boards are one of our favourite themes.

At Linkedin, you can check on our "Muse". Her name is Ana Utrilla, a very talented and creative person. We discovered her this summer and since then, we are in touch with Ana and follow all her posts. 

Look at each Interior Design Mood Board and choose the Decoration style that suits you best... Choose that switch made for you. Have a glance at some of our original lighting switch designs to match your DECO STYLE for your next project. 

Why all SWITCHES & SOCKETS have been always quite similar? Why to put the same SWITCHES & SOCKETS in all rooms? Why to be conformist and accept a TOP INTERIOR DESIGN with simple plastic switches? The answer seems to be obvious: a solution for Interior Designers was required, consisting in the bespoke light switches by FEDE, the SWITCH & LIGHT tailor.

Lighting is certainly an ART. The visionary and creative spirit of FEDE is reflected in each of the switches and lighting collections, from our first catalogue entitled “The art of Illumination” to the innovative concept “Switch & Light” that we invite you to discover.

We have even invented the "IT" switch!

We will continue to seek more inspiration on a daily basis to create new collections and enjoy them to the full in every Haute-Décor project.

An everyday habit such as turning on the light becomes an ART.

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