How much will my pension be?

A good salary may be equal to a good pension. But, what happens to the professional with no employment income?

This professional can pay the minimum quote, a higher quote or even rising it over the years in the self-employed regime; join an alternative mutual insurance company; make contributions to the pension plans for retirement or can have bought or inherited some properties which may generate enough sufficient income to make a comfortable life. Regardless of the situation, everyone is interested in his/her future income, in other words, how much his/her pension will be. 

Specifying that figure with accuracy is practically impossible. In fact, the new Social Security program for calculating the pension has been extensively criticised. Yet, Bernaldez & Associates offers an exercise of approximation, letting anyone have an idea on how much the pensioner could collect if current situation remain unchanged and, therefore, considerate increase the revenue base or predict how incomes will change if contributions are made to a pension plan. 

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